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The Ultimate 🐱 Kitten/Cat Gift boxes... 🎁 


What your box will contain:

- 1 box of gourmet, baked to order grain free tuna & catnip treats (flavor can be changed upon request.. Tuna only, catnip only or cheddar)

- 1 interactive ball track game

- 1 large Cat Catnip plush toy 

- 1 Laser Pointer 

- 3 Bell Balls 

- 3 Mini mice that make noise when you shake them

- 3 Cat Springs 

- 1 Teddy bear cat chasing stick

- 1 Detachable Feather ball for stick

- 1 Molar chewing stick



(colors may vary for all toys)


Greeting Card available upon request, just message me with what you'd like written.


Orders will ship within 2-3 days after the order is placed and will ship priority mail. Shipping Costs approx $9 - $14 depending on where you live but is included in price


**Please specify if your Kitty has any dietary restrictions - I will try to accommodate the best I can

Cat & Kitten Gift Boxes

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