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Special gift for your Horse - Peppermint, Molasses Oat Hearts

12 pack - large - These are baked crunchy :)

Comes in Bakery Box

Baked with Whole wheat flour, Ground Oats, molasses, apples, olive oil and vitamin C

Icing: pet safe yogurt & tapiocia icing.. Crushed Peppermints

Icing used is from K-9 Cakery (MagiFrost Icing)


Takes 2-4 days to make and 1-6 days shipping depending on first class mail or priority mail

I sell many other flavors and custom bake any requested flavor as well


It is the mission of Bone Appètit Barkery to use the best all natural ingredients to produce high quality dog treats that promote and enhance the health and longevity of our customer's pets.


Warning: These products have been tested on dogs and have resulted in the following side effects: Jumps; Wagging tails; Begging; Wet kisses; Happy dog faces.

HORSE Peppermint Hearts Treat Box

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