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Delicious Heart shaped treats baked fresh with chickpea flour and ground buckwheat... approx 1 1/2" bones.. 16oz.. (one pound)

These are Diabetic Friendly :) 
Treats are made with various ingredients (check other listings for exact ingredients, depends on flavor you choose) with ALL NATURAL FLAVORS

each treat has approx 2-5 carbs each depending on flavor

COMES WITH PEANUT BUTTER & APPLE - PUP-KIN PIE - CARROTS & APPLE AND CHEESY CHEDDAR 4oz of each.....Peanut butter used is FRESHLY MADE so there is no added sugar..Order with confidence.

These are treats for your pup with special needs and should be treated just so... as a treat here and there.... I formulated these special treats because my son who is now 14, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 9. I know how important it is to have something special on ocassion that won't spike his/her sugar..

Love Bites - Gluten / Grain Free Diabetic Friendly - SAMPLER

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